The planned features for are described below. Please note that the content and anticipated arrival dates for features on the roadmap are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: May 2021



Anticipated Release

Creation of online Contract Documents

Create documents, track versions of documents, redline, and collaborate—all online.

Q2 2021

Templates/Forms with Field Placeholders

Allow the creation of a document template that can be used to create new documents that contain completed placeholders from a user-chosen record.

Q2 2021

Quick Add contract

New Quick Add function which allows a user to add a contract with a minimum of data.


Includes the ability to search for company and organization information. Improve accuracy of party details and reduce user typing.

Q3 2021


Invite internal and/or external users to collaborate on documents in the system. Exchanging notes and multi-user editing in real time.

Q2 2021

Clause Library / Contract Authoring

Create and manage clauses that can be used to build new contracts or be included in a template.

Q4 2021

Delete a user

Allow old users to be deleted from accounts.

Q4 2021

Replace a user

Replace one user with another user throughout an account. 

Q4 2021

Export to Excel

Simplify and increase the speed of generating Excel output from summary forms

Q4 2021

Improved Document Preview

Preview and search all documents regardless of their format or whether they are scanned images. This feature will provide access to the text version (generated by OCR) of each document

Q1 2022

integration with popular CRM and Finance systems

Plugins to popular CRM and finance systems that will allow simple data exchange. The list of systems to be integrated to be announced.

Q1 2022

Public API

Introduction of the Intelligentcontract API that, with authentication, allows a 3rd party application to extract and create data within an account.

Q1 2022

Self Service T&Cs and Privacy Policy

Implement a system that will allow customers to accept changes to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This will enable acceptance to be sought online rather than manually by the support team.

Q2 2022

Contract "Save Copy as..."

Allow a copy of an existing contract to be made using the feature "Save Copy as...."

Q2 2022

Improvements to Dashboards

Allow the dashboard to be customized to display data that the user builds or chooses from pre-defined panels.

Q2 2022

Workflow Improvements

Introduce workflow at the document level to enable collaborative document review.

Q3 2022

Email Docs and Docs Inbox

Email documents into intelligentcontract and introduce a Document Inbox to manage documents that are received. Drag and drop files from a user's desktop. AI applied to documents to extract key details such as names, parties, dates.

Q3 2022

Implement Mass-update/Add

Implement the ability to update or add multiple records in one action. This feature will be extended to mass-update sub-entities (e.g. notes on a contract, alerts on a contract).

Q4 2022

"You're in contract!" feature

Allows a user to "send" a contract to an email recipient and allows the recipient to add the contract to their own intelligentcontract account. Changes to the contract are reflected in both accounts.

Q1 2023