The planned features for are described below. Please note that the content and anticipated arrival dates for features on the roadmap are indicative only and are subject to change without notice.

Last Updated: October 2023



Anticipated Release

RLDatix PolicyStat IntegratonAdd Policystat documents to a contract record. Browse available policy documents and chose to import either a PDF version of the Policy or a link to the "live" policy document.Q4 2023

RLDatix Credentialing Integration
Request that a credentialing transaction inside intelligentcontract. The results are automatically updated within the contract record.

Q3 2024

Workflow Improvements

Introduce workflow that introduced new actions that can be actioned as part of a workflow step. A workflow can be attached to one or more records (such as a contract, document, person). Escalation rules, conditional branching and the ability to build a workflow visually.

Q4 2024

improvements to the Archive featureIntroduce tabs for each type of record with full search capability. Be able to view all of the records in the archive. Auto-archiving feature. Ability to restore individual items or all related items.
Q1 2025

Public API

Introduction of the Intelligentcontract API that, with authentication, allows a 3rd party application to extract and create data within an account.

Q2 2025

integration with popular CRM and Finance systems

Plugins to popular CRM and finance systems that will allow simple data exchange. The list of systems to be integrated to be announced.

Q2 2025

Improvements to Dashboards

Allow the dashboard to be customized to display data that the user builds or chooses from pre-defined panels.

Q3 2025

Export to Excel

Simplify and increase the speed of generating Excel output from summary forms

Q4 2025

Contract "Save Copy as..."

Allow a copy of an existing contract to be made using the feature "Save Copy as...."

Q2 2026