This short article describes how to a add a new user to your Intelligentcontract account. You must be an administrator to add new users. Adding a new user is a 2 step process.

Navigate to -> Configuration -> Users & Permissions -> Users - Click on [New]

1. If the New User is not already a Person created within your database then you need to create them as a Person first. If the New User already has a Person record, then you can move to step 2. 

If not, then within the Name field you will have the option to 'Add  New Person'. Click here and you will be presented with the Person form.  Complete the relevant fields, making sure that you provide an email address and that "Communication Enabled" is checked, so they can receive a joining email.

2. Choose the new Person from the Person drop down list and give them a User Name (usually their email address). Click the "Assign License" field to assign them an intelligentcontract license. Choose whether they are an Admin User, a Full Access User (with varying Permissions), or a Read Only User (No permissions, Visibility-Only access).

Note: Administrators can access the Configuration area and make changes to the accounts settings. Read Only Users cannot create data (just view), but they can Run Reports and Approve Contracts.

3. Select whether to generate a secure link and send it to the User to allow them to create a password or specify a password for them manually. 

- Please note if you manually set a password then you will have to verbally inform the Users. No notification of passwords is sent out of intelligentcontract.

4. Click on [Save]

The user will receive an email with a link to login and will be asked to reset their password.

The video below takes you through the adding a New User process.