Various aspects of the system’s configuration can be changed on the Account Configuration page. Navigate to Configuration and under the Configuration section click on Manage Account Configuration.

Fig 1 - Configuration Menu


  • Allow free text for city & county  - Allow these fields to either be typed freely or to be selected from a defined list.
  • Allow free text specification for job titles - Allow these fields to be typed freely or to be selected from a defined list.
  • Enable external file links? - Allows you to enter external links for a Document rather than upload the actual document
  • Add header/footer text to print outs? Define the text you would like included in all printout headers/footers.
  • Timezone - Set your geographic timezone.
  • Locale -  This will adjust the Currency and Date formats pertinent to your chosen locale.  If you choose a locale that has a language other than English, the Date format will be presented in this language
  • Base Currency - Base Currency for the account
  • Financial year start - Set which day your organisation’s financial year starts.
  • Financial year end  - Set which day your organisation’s financial year ends.


  • Enable security groups - Use this if you would like to use the systems security features, managing which groups can see which entities. See section 10 for more on security groups.
  • Complex passwords  - Enable the requirement for a user to select a password with 8 or more characters with one upper case and one numerical character. This helps to ensure safer passwords but can be turned off to match your organisations conventions.
  • User login session timeout (minutes) - Set how much time, in minutes, before a user has to log in again if they don't interact with the system
  • Enable forced user password reset adds extra security by allowing you to set the number of days before a user must change passwords. Set number of days in the Number of days before Users must change passwords field.
  • Apply “Feature Visibility” to admins by default admin users can see all tabs regardless of security groups or feature visibility settings. Turn this on to make feature visibility apply to admin users.
  • Password change after reset. If a user needs a new password it can be changed by the system administrator on the Users page. For added security, turning this option on would ask the user to select a new password when they first log on/ This means that only the user will know their own password.
  • Force Users to use two-factor authentication - If switched on, all Users must enter a authentification code to access the account
  • Number of days before Users must change passwords - Set the expiry length for passwords


  • Date Display & Dates with time display can format dates and times across the system, allowing both a dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy configuration.
  • Show currency values to 2 d.p. on summary show currency to 2 decimal places on summary views even if decimals are 0 (eg. £24.00)
  • Short Formats for when both date and time are displayed can be configured in this section.
  • Show currency values to 2 d.p. on detail pages show currency to 2 decimal places on record pages even if decimals are 0 (eg. £24.00)


  • The number of days before a Contract's end date is set to 'due' -  A contract is consider to be "due" if the end date is within a specified amount of days of the end date. By default this is set to 30 days.      
  • Parent values can be selected as a contract type -  When you create Contract Types you can create a hierarchy of values with parent and child values.  If this option is set to 'No' then a value which is a parent cannot be selected as a Contract Type.  Recommended setting is 'No'.       



  • Reminder frequency select how often, in days, reminder emails are sent out.
  • Send a single "digest" reminder email per person per day? If a person is linked to several reminders set whether they receive each reminder email individually or just the one email displaying all notifications.• Hour of the day notifications to be sent cam be used to configure what time system messages such as reminders are sent to users.
  • Days to wait before sending Measurement Reminder - The number of days to wait before sending a Reminder to complete Measurement information