For both security and reporting purposes you may wish to split up your organisation into separate groups or organisational units. To do this you must first define your organisation structure. 

Navigate to Configuration > Configuration > Define Organisation Structure. You will see your current organisation structure displayed on the page in a hierarchical ‘tree’ structure.  By default there will only be one level, your company’s name at Directorate level.

Fig 1 - Organisation Structure

To create a Organisational hierarchy, highlight the top level and click the Add Child button at the top-right of the screen to add groups of Localities or Departments. You can add further levels by highlighting the next level value and clicking on Add Child again. You can add as many value as necessary to build up your hierarchy.

The Organisational Unit values with the hierarchy will be displayed within the Organisational Unit field on the contract form and also the Summary screen if required.

If you do not wish to have a value at the top level then you can blank this out by replacing the top level value with a space.