Whilst security groups can dictate what features a user is able to see it is possible to remove entire sections from a security group’s view. For example, a security group may not need to see the Alerts section. Using the Feature Visibility option the Alerts tab can be removed from view.

Navigate to Configuration -> Security -> Feature Visibility

On this page there is a table containing all features of the system. By default the ‘Everyone’ security group is applied allowing all users to see all features. This value can be removed and specific security groups can be added allowing you to fine tune what is visible to each user/security group.  

Fig 1 - Feature Visibility

  • To remove the existing group, highlight the Group and then press the 'x' to remove.
  • To add a new Security group, press drop down list or the magnifying glass to view all the available Security groups and then select from the list

If you wish to remove a feature for everyone using the account, assign the security group called 'No-One' .  If you do not have a 'No-One' option then you can easily create one, Navigate to Configuration -> Security Groups

Fig 2 - Security Groups

  • Click on [New]
  • Enter the name as 'No-One'
  • Save

The 'No-one' security group can now be selected in the Feature Visibility page, if you assign this security group then the feature will be removed for everyone using the account, to bring it back, simply change the security group from 'No-One' to 'Everyone' or the a specific group you require.