Out intelligentcontract solution provides you with the tools to Export all your data into a series of Excel spreadsheets and a zip file of documents for backup.  

Navigate to Configuration > Manage Data > Export

Fig 1 - Export Options

Tick the options that contain the data that you wish to obtain and press [Export]

The solution will inform you that your data has been sent to the Batch Job Page - click on this link or access Batch Queue from the Navigation panel:

Fig 2 - Batch Job Notification

Fig 3 - Batch Queue on Navigation

Click on the corresponding Result file to open - you will be prompted to open or save a zip file that will contain your data in Excel sheets and your documents will be located within a further zip file for you to open.

Fig 4 - Batch Queue File

Fig 5 - Exported Excel and Zip Files

Tip: You can tell which is the correct file by the Date Started, the latest file is at the top of the summary page, click here for more details about the Batch Queue

Note: The data exported will depend on your subscription plan, if you have a high plan that has Custom fields and subsequently drop to a lower plan that does not have Custom fields, when you Export on the lower plan only system related field data will be included in the Export, Custom field data will not be included.