Yes. The ability to support spend category management was a key requirement of the software design. 

Most companies’ contract data is not accessible because it is trapped in the contract paperwork in the filing cabinets or email inboxes of many different contract managers across the business. Trying to gather all the relevant contract information about just one service across your business can be a resource hungry task - so most of the time companies don't spend the time examining their contracts to see if there's money to be saved. 

Intelligentcontract allows you to compare the cost of products of services of the same category across your organisation structure at the click of mouse. 

You could, for example, easily generate a report that shows the electricity unit charge and standing charge per day for each area of your business - this will highlight to you whether you're paying too much at any of your sites and of course, intelligentcontract can then tell you when you are "out of contract" at those sites and so when you can begin to deliver those savings.