We understand that although you see the value of introducing better contract management it’s not always a priority. We want you to get the best out of your intelligentcontract.com subscription so we have a team of specialised consultants who are ready to help you with getting you started with intelligentcontract.com.

  • Configuration

Intelligentcontract.com has been designed to be flexible to meet the needs of a wide variety of organisations. We have designed a 16 step set up process which, following completion, results in an account that's an optimal fit for your organisation. We are able to assist your business in configuring your Intelligentcontract.com account.

  • Data Collection

Intelligentcontract.com has a team of specialised consultants who can help you with all of your data and load collection requirements. We can help you collate your contract data and paperwork and can load this data into your intelligentcontract account via our specialised import template. If you already have your contracts data in a spreadsheet or an existing solution, then we can help cleanse the data and load it.