In order to help our new customers get started with Intelligentcontract we offer a series a Implementation services. Implementation Services are essentially made up of 3 key elements; Design & Configuration, Data and Document Upload (the uploading of client’s existing contract data and associated contract documents), and Training for both administrators and users

Design & Configuration 

We work closely with your organisation's Key Users to design your intelligentcontract account to match and enhance the your organisations existing policies and processes,  This ensures that your intelligentcontract account delivers the best value to your organisation. The design is fully configured, by us offsite, and tested prior to full deployment. This includes for example, setting up custom fields, custom layouts, Users, security groups, which features are visible and the design of approval processes.

A configuration meeting will be scheduled between the implementation consultants and the customer's key contract staff. This remote session normally takes around 2-3 hours to complete. At the end of the session there is likely to be a series of actions for the customer's staff to provide information (for example, a list of your key document types). Once the customer actions have been completed and the answers returned the new account will be configured in line with the decisions taking during the initial configuration meeting. A follow up remote meeting is scheduled where the new configuration is reviewed. Key processes are stepped through on the system to be sure processes have been captured accurately. Following the review tweaks to the configuration may be required, but at this stage the final configuration is signed off.

Data and Document Upload

To deliver maximum benefit your organisation's existing contracts, associated documentation and key client/supplier information (names, numbers, locations, areas of responsibility etc.) can be accurately loaded directly into your new intelligentcontract account.

This data is uploaded using data capture templates, these templates are provided by us to you based upon your agreed account Design and Configuration (including any custom fields).  Load your data into the templates and send them, along with all your associated documents, to us and our technical team will complete the upload.

There are two options for you provide us with the documents to attach to your contract records - you can have access to a secure drop box location or you can courier a flash drive loaded with your documents files.

A remote session will be provided to explain the content of the upload templates and how to populate them. A period of time is agreed normally around 2-3 weeks where the templates are populated by the customer's key contract staff. Depending on where this data is currently held this may be manually completing the upload templates, automatically extracting from a an existing system or spreadsheet or a combination of the two. The implementation consultant will be able to advise on the best method of completing your upload templates based on their experience of your existing system and/or the amount of unstructured data that needs to analysed.

Once the templates are completed (and any document files provided) we will upload the data into the configured account. There may be a need to pass the sheets back if the data is incomplete or the data does not reference correctly. Once the data has been successfully loaded into the account a remote session will be scheduled so that key staff can review the uploaded data. At this stage tweaks to the data may be performed. Following these final tweaks sign off of the data load is obtained.


Remote Training 

Quality training is critical to the successful implementation and we strive to ensure all users have the training they require to allow them to get the most out of the software investment.

Remote Training is provided for Administrators & Users. We provide two 2 hour slots of a 'Train the Trainer' session over a webinar, depending the number of people attending – recommend not more that 8-10 per session.  The sessions are content applicable for Full Users and Read Only Users.  The training will incorporate the client specific Design and Configuration.

All trainees can be given workbook of scenarios detailing all required features pertinent to the organisation. An organisational representative will be on site to answer any process questions relating to the business that is outside of intelligentcontract scope.

1 hour remote training sessions consists of:

  • IC will give a brief demonstration of the system to all attendees that may not have seen intelligentcontract at all
  • IC will demonstrate each scenario detailed within the workbook aided by the organisations representative to answer any internal process questions that may arise
  • At the end of the scenario demonstration, there will be a round up and review of each of the features demonstrated and scenarios explained and any questions answered
  • Users will be show how to access to the helpdesk to answer any questions and to give guidance when required
  • At the end of the training session Users will be sent invitations to log into the organisations Live account if not already accessed

If you wish to engage in any of these services then please contact us on or call us on +44 (0)333 3443905 for a quotation.