If you wish to import all your existing Contract Documents, this can be achieved via our Import process. Intelligentcontract uses CSV files to upload the Contract Document information, and you can attached a Zip file of your documents.  The uploaded zipped documents match up with the CSV information, and are loaded into your account directly into the correct Contract record.

If you have a large zip file, to avoid uploading it potentially several times into the Import screen, you can use the alternative option to upload it to your Document Library.  Create a shared folder in your Library and upload the zip file to it.  Once this is done, you can use the option in the Import process to select the zip file from the Library rather than a local location.

Importing CSV and Zip Files

Go to: Configuration -> Import:

  • Select the Template Type of 'Contract Documents'
  • Press [Next] - you will then be presented with the Import Data File screen for you to upload your csv and zip file.

Fig 1 - Upload CSV File

  • Upload the corresponding csv and zip files to the correct fields using the 'From this device', using the Select file [...] option to pick it up from a  from a local location, or use the 'From Document Library' option with the magnifying glass to pick it up from the Library
  • Press [Next]
  • Map your fields to the most suitable target for each source
  • The system will validate the files and the fields - if there are any errors, the system will notify you and you can adjust accordingly
  • If the validation is successful, you can process your request and all your Contract Documents will be loaded against the correct Contract record

ZIP File Structures

The documents held within your ZIP file may be directly saved into the file, or it could contain various internal folders such as:

  • Direct - Contract Documents/ABC NDA 2020.pdf
  • Via internal Folders - Contract Documents/Client/May/ABC Limited/ABC NDA 2020.pdf

The path in which your documents have been saved into your ZIP file should match exactly to the filename path in your csv file.  If these do not match, then the system will not be able to store your file and will give you an error during import saying they are missing.

If this is the case, then you will need to either adjust your ZIP file and remove the file structure, or add the file structure to your csv file.

TIP: If you do not already have a CSV file, you can generate example files for you to adjust. Please refer to the Importing Data article Step 2b for more details

TIP: For more information regarding the Mapping and validation of values, please refer to the Importing Data article Step 3 

TIP: When you enter the document filename in the CSV file, it must match the full  path and filename in the ZIP file - otherwise an error will occur

Local Links

If you are choosing not to upload physical Documents, but rather utilising the Local Links function, then the file name column should reflect the External Link path.  Please refer to the Local Links article for full details how to enable this feature, and refer to the Usage section on how to copy the External Link path to paste into your CSV file.