SAML or Security Markup Language is an open standard for echanging authentication and authorisation data between parties, in particular between and identify provider and a service provider.

intelligentcontract allows you to use our generic SAML plugin for use with any identity provider that supports the SAML standard.

How do I install this plugin?

Navigate to: Configuration => Plugins => 'Manage Plugins'

Fig 1 - Manage Plugins in Configuration

  • The screen will open up and display all the available plugins that can be used with intelligentcontract, choose the SAML option and click [Install].

Fig 2 - SAML Plugin option

  • You will then be presented with an install screen with instructions and a series of fields to complete.  

Fig 3 - SAML install field requirements

  • Log into the identity service you use to retrieve the values required by this form.
  • Your identity provider will require a Single Sign On (SSO) URL link, this can be copied from the Instructions panel on the form
  • Once you have entered all the information, click the [Install] button

You are now ready to use intelligentcontract via your identity service

User Login Options

Once you have installed the SAML Plugin you are then able to restrict how users are able to login to your intelligentcontract account. 

Navigate to Configuration => Users & Permissions => 'User Login Options'

Fig 4 - User Login Options                                     

You will be presented with a list of options to allow your Users to log into your intelligentcontract account, tick the relevant box's that apply and press [Save] 

Fig 5 - User Login Options

By restricting users to login by the Generic SAML only, you are then able to control access to your intelligentcontract account. Only users that have access to the identity service will now have access to Intelligentcontract. 

Where can I get further help?

Further information about SAML is available via the [More Info] button and there is a direct link to the SAML Wikki page via the [Help and Support] button or contact us here at and we will be happy to help you.