ID's and Original System References (OSR)

Every record that is created within intelligentcontract has two unique references, the ID and the Original System Reference.  When using the import process the CSV file must contain either the ID or Original System Reference of the record(s) you wish to either Add, Modify or Delete.  

The ID and the Original System References are also used when you are creating a CSV file to link records together such as linking a Person to a Contract record or uploading a Document to a Contract record, please refer to the Creating Links using CSV files article for more information on how to link records using the Import process.

The ID is a system generated reference that will appear on all forms when they are opened

Fig 1 - Record ID

The Original System Reference is also a unique identifier for the record, this reference is located within the Record Detail icon, but this value can be modified by the User if required.

Fig 2 - Record Original System reference

If you use the import process to generate a populated CSV file, these ID and OSR references are automatically displayed in the file.

The below CSV example contains records to Delete (pink) and Modify (Yellow).  Here the extract has already populated the ID and the OSR values, to Add records (green) the user must stipulate the OSR reference and leave the ID column blank as the system will automatically generate a system ID reference.

Fig 3 - ID & OSR in CSV file

Note: The above is an example only, if you wish to Add, Modify and Delete records then we recommend that you generate 3 separate CSV files and upload one by one