Part of the Import process is to validate the data you have contained within your CSV file.  Sometimes there will be errors that the system will inform you of, when these errors occur they will be displayed on a pop up screen after the validation had completed.

The screen will display a [View Errors] button that you can click on and a pop up will list all the errors that have been found.

Fig 1 - Import Error screen

Go back to your CSV file and make the required adjustments save and re-Import, the validation will take place again to check for any further errors.

Creating New Values

The maybe occasions where the Import is failing because there are values entered that do not appear for existing Value Sets, the User has the option to either go back and change the CSV file to include the correct values, or go into the Value Set feature and add the new value required manually.  

Fig 2 - Creating New Values

For some Value Sets there is an alternative to manual adjustment.  Within the validation screen the User can tick one of the options displayed under 'Create new values and revalidate'.

So, if you have a new Contract Type for example within your CSV file that is not in your existing Contract Type Value Set and the Import fails because of this, you can tick the option of 'Allow Creation of new Contract Types' and then press [Re-validate Now], this will re-validate the CSV file creating the new Contract Type, the validation will be successful and the Import can process.

Note: These checkbox's will be different based upon the data you are Importing