If you have an existing Free Trial with intelligentcontract and wish to move forward with a paid account, at any time you can start a subscription.  If you have not yet created a Free Trial then please refer to this article that explains how to create one, with the exception of a Free Account, every intelligentcontract subscription first begins with a Free Trial.

Log into your intelligentcontract Trial account as normal and click on the Billing icon on the Navigation bar, you will be presented with all the Billing options for a Trial account.

Fig 1 - Start Subscription

  • Click on the orange [Start Subscription] button

You have 3 Plan options to choose from - Free, Team and Professional, you can choose the currency you wish to pay in and also your term using the switch's at the top of the page, when you use a switch, the prices and currency will update accordingly.

Fig 2 - Using the switch's

As you have the ability to switch your trial to any plan to see what features are available in each plan, the screen will indicate which plan your current trial is associated with. 

When you know the plan your wish to choose and have set the Currency and Term to your preference, click on the relevant [Start Subscription] button and you will be presented with the 'Your Subscription' screen to begin the checkout process.

Fig 3 - Your Subscription

Your Subscription

You can define the subscription requirements of your organisation.  There are 3 areas to review:

1. Select Plan

The Plan defaulted in the screen is the Plan you had selected for your Trial Account.  

  • You can change the Plan required to another by clicking on the 'Change Plan' option - you will be presented again with the screen detailing all the Plans available - you can adjust the Terms and the Currency using the switches and the screen will update to reflect any Costing adjustments.
  • Once you are happy with your selection, click [Start Subscription], the screen will close and the new Plan name will update in the 'Your Subscription' page

2. User Levels

This option is the number of Users that require full access to your account, they will have access to Add, Delete and Modify all data.

  • If you wish to increase or decrease values, use the + & - buttons to adjust accordingly, the screen will update to reflect any Costing adjustments.

Fig 4 - Changing user levels

3. Contract Packs

If you have selected to subscribe to either the Team or Professional Plan then there is a limit to the amount of Contracts that you can create in your account.  If you think that you will need more than the limits that are in your selected plan you can add any number of 50 Contract Packs to your subscription.

For example, if you have selected the Team Plan - there is a limit of 250 Contracts, if you know that you have 350 contracts to enter then you can add 2 x 50 Contract Packs and when subscribed your account will be for the Team Plan but will have at 350 Contract limit.

  • If you wish to add a Contract Pack to your subscription use the + & - buttons to adjust accordingly, the screen will update to reflect any Costing adjustments.

4. Read Only Users

You may have a requirement to allow some Users to just have Read Only access to the account - as these have limited access then they are a much lower rate that a Full User.

  • If you wish to add Read Only Users to your subscription use the + & - buttons to adjust accordingly, the screen will update to reflect any Costing adjustments.

Note: Full details of the different types of Users and what they can do are detailed in this article 

Confirming Your Subscription Requirements

  • Once you are happy with your subscription selection then press the [Proceed] button, the screen will update to confirm your choices.  
  • At this point there is an option to 'Apply Coupon' - if you have been provided a coupon reference for a discount, click here and enter your coupon code, the screen will update to reflect any Costing adjustments.
  • At this stage you can still adjust your subscription User and Add On levels but if you wish to switch to a different Plan then you will need to close the screen via the 'x' and click the orange [Start Subscription] button again.
  • Make adjustments if required and click [Proceed To Checkout]

Fig 5 - Apply Coupon

Billing Details

At this point you will need to enter your organisations Billing information, this information will be passed through to our Billing system and will also appear on your confirmation invoice.  Please note that the Contact you enter here will receive copies of any recurring invoices and will be our main contact for Billing enquires. 

Fig 6 - Billing Address

  • The Name, Email address, Telephone Number and Company Name are all defaulted from when you created the trial, if these require adjusting, click in the relevant box and make the amendments
  • Press [Next]
  • If there are any missing required details the screen will highlight this

Note: Further Billing Contacts can be added if required, any adjustments to Billing information are detailed an this article.

Payment Details

intelligentcontract can accept payments from any Credit or Debit card, if you do not wish to pay by card but by bank transfer then you will need to close your subscription application and contact us at support@intelligentcontract.com and we will be happy to process your subscription and provide you with a Sales Order and provide you with our Bank details for transfer.

Fig 7 - Card Details

  • To pay by Credit or Debit card complete the required fields
  • Press [Next]

Completing Your Order

A summary of all the information that you have entered will be displayed for your review, at this stage you can adjust any of the information.

Fig 8 - Completing your Order

  • Your subscription will be displayed in the top box - to review the detail click in the box and your subscription details will be listed - you can make adjustments to the values and apply a coupon at this stage if required.
  • Your Account, Billing and Payment details will also be displayed - if these require adjustment then click on he relevant [Edit] button, make the adjustments and press [Update]
  • Tick the checkbox to agree to tour Terms of Service and Data Processing Agreement - these can be reviewed by clicking on the link, a new web session will be opened with the relevant information for you to review 
  • Click [Complete Order and Pay xxxxx]
  • Your subscription will be processed and a confirmation screen will appear detailing your subscription
  • You will also receive an email from our billing system confirming your subscription and a copy of your invoice will be attached
  • Your billing contact will also receive this email

Fig 10 - Subscription Confirmation Email

Your Active Account

  • Your account is now an Active paid account, any data or account configuration changes that were made during trial will still be present.
  • You can review your current Plan, Subscription, Billing and Payment details at any time via the Billing screen.
  • If you wish to adjust your subscription details at any time then please refer to the other articles within this section that will explain to your step by step how to do so.