Intelligentcontract enables you to have an account to store your contractual information completely Free of charge.  You can have an unlimited number of Users access the account and you can have up to 25 Contracts at any one time.

Your Free account is full of useful features such as:

  • Unlimited number of Users have access to the account
  • Create up to 25 Contracts at a time*
  • Build and maintain a Party database (Customer, Suppliers, Agencies etc)
  • Effectively link key People and Parties to your Contracts
  • Create unlimited Alerts for your existing Contracts, People and Parties
  • Keep accurate and relevant records using the Note functionality
  • Use the Global search, View and Filter tools to easily and quickly access the correct information your require
  • Use the Dashboards for 'At a Glance' view of your Contracts

To create a Free account, just go to Within the Pricing section there is the option to [Create Account] for our Free Plan. Complete the registration information, and you will receive an Activation email. Once confirmed, your account is ready - you can begin entering all your contractual data straight away.

Fig 1 - Free Account

Our Free Account includes all our basic features for Contract Management. However, we have lots of more features to offer.  You will see blue [Upgrade] buttons at various places in your account, and you can upgrade your Free Plan to a paid account at any time - just click on any of the blue [Upgrade] buttons, and you will be taken to the Billing checkout to process your upgrade. Your account will immediately update and you will have access the all the features available for the new Plan you have selected. 

At any time, you can compare the Free Plan with any other plans that we have to make sure that you select the correct plan for your organisation - if you are not sure the best plan for you, then contact us at and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and advise the best option for you.

 Please Note - Any intelligentcontract account that is inactive for 6 months will be permanently deleted including any documents that you may have loaded into the account.

* The total number of Contracts includes any that are residing in the Recycle Bin