If you have cancelled or closed your account you can reactivate if required up to 6 months later.

Log into your account and you will be presented with reactivation options.  You can either reactivate your account as a free plan, or start your subscription again.

TIP: If you cannot remember your intelligentcontract login, press the 'Forgotten?' link on the sign in page to reset your password

Fig 1 - Reactivating your account

If you choose to reactivate your account, then you will be taken through the checkout process, your previous subscription details will be presented to you such as Plans, User levels, Billing details and Payment Methods, adjust as required and confirm your subscription.

If you had existing data in your account, such as data records or documents, then once your account is reactivated then your data will become available again for you to use.

Please Note:  We keep your account data for up to 6 months, after 6 months all details of the account and its data will be removed from our servers

Limited Accounts

If you have reactivated your account and your subscription is different to your original subscription then your account may be defaulted to a limited status.

Fig 2 - Limited Account

This will happen if you have more data than your current subscription will allow.

For example; if your previous subscription allowed you to enter 500 Contracts and you did so, and your reactivated subscription has a limit of 250 Contracts, then you will not be able to create any further Contracts until your levels are brought in line with your Contract limits.  You can either add Contract packs to your subscription to increase your Contract levels, upgrade your plan or delete existing Contracts from the account. 

Please note that Contracts in the Recycle Bin and Archive still count towards your Contract total.

If your previous subscription was for 10 Full Users and each had been assigned licence, and your reactivated subscription is only for 5 Full Users, then only 5 users will be able to log into the account you will need to adjust your User settings to assign the 5 licences to the correct Users.

If you do encounter that you account is in a limited status then please contact us at support@intelligentcontract.com and we will take a look at your account and advise you on what is required.