There are four types of Users within intelligentcontract. Each customer's account can have one or more different types of Users depending on their organisational needs.  Below is a breakdown of what each type of User can and cannot do/access within an intelligentcontract account.

Read Only Users

  • Full access to view all data within the account (Subject to Security settings by Customer)
  • Download previously uploaded documentation
  • Run existing Reports
  • Complete, Snooze, and Delete Alerts (but NOT create new Alerts)
  • Approve or Reject a Contract Approval (but NOT initiate)

Full Users

  • Everything a Read Only User can do PLUS:
    • Create, Edit, and Delete all records and links within the solution (subject to Security settings set by Customer)
    • Upload documents
    • Create Reports
    • Create Approval Requests


Admin Users


  • Everything a Full User can do PLUS access the configuration menu and complete tasks such as:
    • Create / Update new Users
    • Reset Passwords
    • Add/remove system and Custom fields
    • Change layouts on all forms
    • Change names of field, forms and features
    • Set up and assign security groups
    • General config (date time formats, values for drop downs etc)
    • Manage plug-ins (i.e. extra features)
    • Import and export data
    • Session management (e.g. stop people logging in, logging people out, setting up single sign on)

  • All data is visible to an Admin User regardless of the security rules

Key User

There is one Admin user which is nominated the “Key User”. This is the person that controls billing (i.e. asks us to add more users, cancel the account, etc.). There can only be one Key User.