An intelligentcontract account is placed into Limited status when there are not enough licences for the users in your account and/or you have more contracts under management than is allowed in your account. 

An account generally becomes limited when you request a downgrade to your account - that is, to reduce the number of licenced users or a lower plan. However, a limited status can also occur if you import users or contracts into your account. The import process does not prevent the creation of users and contracts even when you haven't purchased the required licences or contract

An account that is limited can not edit or create anything new. This includes new contracts, people, alerts, documents and parties. You are able to delete and archive.

How do I remove Limited status?

There are two options for removing limited status from your account

1. Increase the number of user licences

2. Increase to a plan that allows more contract creation or add more contract packs to your account