The user import process provides an interface that allows the import of users into Intelligentcontract. If you have a large number of user records that need to be created, rather than using the interface to type in the details of each user. The user import is similar to all the other imports (e.g. for importing contracts, people etc) but the following points should be noted when importing users.

1. A joining notification will not be sent to the user at the point their user account is created. You will either have to

    a. Inform each user of the temporary password that was assigned to their account. On first login they will be required to change this temporary password to something they choose

    b. Ask each user to request a "forgotten password" link from the login page. This will require them knowing their username (generally their email address).

2. The import does not stop you allocating a licence to each user created. It may be that after the users have been imported, you do not have enough purchased licences for all the users created. In this situation, your account will be placed into "limited status" (see My Account is "Limited". What does this mean?). This does not apply to a concurrent usage or unlimited users account - you are able to create and licence as many users as required.