This paper provides an indication of the typical activities, associated timings and resource required relating to an intelligentcontract implementation. The overall project to implement is estimated to be circa 6 weeks. Below is a high level Gantt chart showing the 3 keys components of work (configuration, data upload and user training) and how they are typically achieved. 

Please note that an allowance of 3 elapsed weeks is provided for completing the upload templates. This task is completed by the client and typically takes 3 weeks but can take longer for larger volumes of contracts.

Our on boarding process is designed to be as simple as possible. Understandably, input from

The client is required to ensure the project deployment is a success. The input required is split into 3 key components and are as follows: 

  •  Configuration: Senior contracts staff will be present at the configuration meetings to guide how the new contract process is to be constructed (half a day’s input for each resource is usually all that is required at the session). This to ensure the design of the service is optimized towards your needs and requirements
  • Data Upload: The client populates the templates provided with data to be uploaded to intelligentcontract
  • User training: The client approves is to be present at training sessions to introduce the new solution to users.