When maintaining your Contractual data using intelligentcontract there will be times when responsibility for a Contract or another related item may need to be transferred to another Person.

In many cases this will be just a single update and a User will just manually remove the current Person record from the existing record and replace it with another.

However there will be cases where multiple records may need to be updated such as a Person has left the organisation or gone on leave for an extended time and ALL of their records will need to be transferred to another, in these cases manual update is not practical because many records will be involved.

In these instances User can utilise the Export and Import feature to mass update a number of records at once.  

For our example you can see below that Chris Shaw is linked to 4 Contracts and also has 4 Alerts assigned to him for each of the Contracts - Chris is leaving the organisation and these Contracts and related actions need to be assigned to Peter Jones instead. So we will first need to update all the Contract Person records and then we will need to update the Contract Alert records to reflect this change.  

First will generate an Export csv file of the existing data of People linked to a Contract so we can adjust the file data and Import back into the account to make the modification.

Navigate to:

Configuration ->Manage Data -> Import

  • Choose Import Template (1) - In the Template drop down select the data extract you require, in this case it will be the Contract People template and press [Next]

  • Upload data File(s) (2) - In this screen we are going to press the [Generate] button after making sure that the option of 'Populated' is selected, this will Export out all existing Contract People link data into the file.

  • The csv file will be sent to the Batch Queue area, the file will be at the top of the Summary screen unless you have exported multiple files, the Result column will display the name of the Export file for you to identify the correct one, click on the filename to open it

  • The csv file will display all the Contract People records across all your Contracts, now we have to single out those just for Chris Shaw.

Note: The system does not use actual People Names or Contract Titles if you are doing this type of update you will need to know what the concerned Persons original system references (OSR) is.  You should note the references for the Person to be removed and the Person to be added.

The Person original system reference can be found against their Person record, here:

For more information on system ID's and original system references please click here

  • Single out the data to only display the Person to be removed from the Contract (Chris Shaw) and copy and paste to a new csv file

  • Now we want to delete these records pertaining to Chris so update the Transaction Type column values from a M (Modify) to a D (Delete)

You could save this file and update to as it is to just delete all of Chris's links to contracts, but in this instance we want to also Add Peter as a new link, we can do this within the same file to save time.

Note: we only recommend this if you are updating a few records, if you are removing and adding a large number of records then it is recommended that you create 2 files, one for the Delete and one for the Add.

Copy the existing rows of data and paste underneath, there are 3 things that we need to alter on these new rows:

  • Change the Transaction Type value to A (Add) as these are new records that we wish to add
  • Remove the ID and Original system reference column values, as the system will auto generate these
  • Remove the Person ID value and update the Person original system reference values to the new Person to be added, in this case the OSR for Peter Jones.

So you can see the file is now saying that we wish to delete the records pertaining to Chris Shaw and add new records for Peter Jones.

Save the file to your PC or server and then it is time to Import it back into the account.

Navigate to:

Configuration -> Manage Data -> Import

  • Choose Import Template (1) - In the Template drop down select the data extract you require, in this case it will be the Contract People template and press [Next]

  • Upload data File(s) (2) - In the People CSV field, select the option of 'From this devise' and then locate the modified csv file from its location using the [...] button and then press [Next]

  • Map Fields (3) - The next screen is the Map Fields screen, as you have used the same file that was exported out of the system then all fields should map automatically, make adjustments if required using the Target Fields drop down lists and press [Next]

Note: All Import fields marked with a * are mandatory such as Transaction Type and must be mapped

  • Validation (4) - Once validation is successful press [Next] your file will be processed by the system.

  • Complete (5) - You can view your files progress in the Batch Queue screen.

  • When the Result column states 'No output generated' then your file has been Imported.

You can see now that Chris Shaw has been removed from all 4 Contracts

And Peter Jones has been added to them.

Your update of Contract People for those 4 Contracts is now complete.  Now we will need to repeat the above to update all of Chris's Alert to Peter using the same process but selecting 'Alerts as you import template when generating your populated csv file.


This same process is to be used whenever you are required to mass update data that can be linked to a Contract, such as People, Paties, Alerts, Tasks etc

The purpose of the Exporting and importing of data this way is to ensure that your systems Audit Trial is kept in tact, Importing data modifications will automatically create a clear audit trial of your Additions, Modifications and Deletions of records.

For full details regarding our entire Import process please refer to the articles mentioned here