Our Plugin feature now includes options to use Electronic Signature software, if you wish to use Electronic Signatures then you will need to first install the Plugin link to your chosen Electronic Signature provider.

To utilise Electronic Signatures you will need an account with the relevant software provider, once you have an account you can install the integration link by just clicking on the [Install] button next to your signature provider.  If you have accounts with more than one provider and wish to have the option to choose either then you can install both.

Fig 1 - Plugin Page

Once you have installed your Plugin then the Electronic Signature option will be available to use within intelligentcontract, for more information on how to use the software please click here.


You can find out more information regarding DocuSign by clicking on the [More Info] button

Fig 2 - DocuSign details

Adobe Sign

You can find out more information regarding Adobe Sign by clicking on the [More Info] button

Fig 3 - Adobe Sign details

For more information on how to use Electronic Signatures please refer to the Electronic Signature articles here