If a User has left your organisation and you wish to remove their access to your intelligentcontract account, there are two ways to do this.

Adding an End Date to a User

You can add an End date to a Users record - once this date has been reached, access to their account will be removed.  Using this field means that you can add this date in advance of their actual leaving date.

Fig 1- Adding and End date to a User record

Removing a Users Licence

If the user has already left your organisation or you wish to remove access immediately then you can untick the 'Assign Licence' checkbox. Once saved, the User will no longer have access to your account.

Fig 2 - Removing a Users Licence

Deleting or Archiving a Users Person record

If you have deactivated a User record, it is recommended that you either Delete or Archive their associated Person record as well.  This effectively removes them from the database, stopping other Users from picking up their Person record and assigning it to other records such as Contract or Alerts.

Fig 3 - Deleting or Archiving a Person record