You may have a number of Tasks assigned to either a Contract or a Party record, if you wish to have a notification sent to one or more Users when all of these Tasks have been marked as Complete then you can create a specific Rule to trigger this.

  • In the Action tab press [New] to launch the Action pop up.
  • Give the Rule a Name
  • Select the Entity as either 'Contract' or 'Party'
  • Add 'Criteria' if this is required
  • Add a 'Priority' if this is required
  • Select the Trigger of 'On All Tasks Completed'
  • [Save]

Fig 1 - All Tasks Completed Trigger

Now create the Action for the Rule

Select Type - this will display all the current List Types available (Contract People, Alert, Task and Security Group), select 'Send "All Contract Tasks completed" notification'.

Fig 2 - Action Type

Once selected, the rest of the fields in the pop up will update accordingly and you will be able to specify who you want the Tasks completed notification Recipients to be and add a Note to the Notification email if you wish.

Fig 3 - Adding notification details

Note: The Notification email content is the default by the system, if you wish to permanently alter the content you can do so in the Notification Templates feature, click here for more details how to do this.