Sometimes you may have the need to delete your cookies in Chrome to resolve issues you are having with intelligentcontract.

The easiest way to do this is to first log into your intelligentcontract account in a Chrome browser.

To the left of the url you will see a padlock icon, click here and you will see a pop up like below, with the option to choose 'Cookies' - click here.

Fig 1 - Chrome Cookies access

This will open up a screen that will list all the cookies that have been set based upon the sites you have visited and allowed. 

Here, you will see references to intelligenctontract. There could be up to 3 values, depending on how you access your intelligentcontract account:


Click on each of the values, and then press [Remove] and  [Done] buttons to close the screen. This will have cleared all your Cookies, and may solve your issue.

Fig 2 - Removing Cookies

If after doing this you still have issues, please contact us at and we will take a look for you.