Each form within intelligentcontract can have mandatory fields, some of these are system mandatory but you are able to create any other field as mandatory on your forms, including and Custom fields that you make.

You may require only these mandatory fields to be completed as the other are optional only fields.

You are able to activate a setting in your account Configuration called 'Allow Mandatory fields to be filtered'.  

Fig 1- Mandatory field filter switch

When set to 'Yes' then you will now see a switch at the top of each form when opened. If you do not wish to use this feature then set the option to 'No' and the switch will be removed.

When clicked the switch will turn red and the form will update to only display the mandatory fields for this form, enabling you to see and complete the necessary fields.  Click again to switch back to a full form view.

Note: When clicked the form will remove all none mandatory fields, when this happens the form layout will update to remove the gaps where the non mandatory fields where, therefore your fields on the form may move to a different part of the form.

The switch setting is only for you as a User, other will see the form as normal unless they also use the switch.  If you move to another record the switch will still be on and you will only see the mandatory fields - switch it off again to view all fields on the new form that you have opened.