intelligentcontract are able to offer Customers the ability to have a Sandbox environment with all their data to allow them to make changes, perform tests and adjust data without ever touching their true 'Live' data.

This can be useful for Customers that wish to try features they never have before, such as Automation and can look and see how it reacts to their data without actually changing anything in the live Account.

Access to Sandbox areas are only given to Admin Users.

Sandbox environments can be made available for any Customer, if you are interested in this feature then please contact us and we can provide you with a quotation.

Sandbox Access

Sandbox environments are accessed via a completely separate URL link to your Live database, rather than logging is from we will provide you with this URL link direct to your Sandbox environment.

you will use your current Username and password to access, if required you can then update your Sandbox password to differentiate access.

Once logged in the Layout and data contained within the account is an exact snapshot of what your current settings and data are.  

Identification of the Sandbox environment is made by a tag on the top right of the screen so you know you are now in the live database.

Fig 1- Sandbox Environment

The sandbox environment will look exactly the same as your current account and will be the latest version from the day the URL is given to you.

Refreshing Sandbox Data

You have the ability to refresh the Sandbox data at any time, there is an option in the Confoiguration area under 'Manage dat' 

To refresh the data, just type in, 'Refresh' and click [Submit]

The refresh of the data will take approximately 10 minutes, you will receive this message and during this time no-one will be able to log into the Sandbox environment.

Please note that when you do refresh you environment ALL changes made to the Sandbox environment will then be removed and a fresh copy of your Live environment will be presented.

Any Fields, values, data, settings, passwords that you have previously altered will go back to your original accounts values. 

The refreshed data will be a direct copy of the Live data on the day you refresh so it will be the most up to date version.

Differences between Live and Sandbox accounts

There are certain aspects of the Sandbox environment that cannot function the same as the live environment, these are mainly Configurations settings such as Factory Reset and delete data, these options have been removed from the Sandbox environments.

Emails are not sent out - If you have set up Alerts in the Sandbox, they will 'trigger' but the emails will not be sent out to recipients.  They do , however appear in the Notification History screen as if they have triggered, so you can view what what notification would have been sent out if it was in the Live environment.

Document are not stored in the Sandbox Environment, the Document records will be there to be seen, but you will not be able to open or download then from the environment.