An Original System Reference or OSR is an alternative unique reference for each individual record.  No record of the same entity can have the same OSR reference in the account.

The purpose of the OSR is to store the unique identifier assigned to the record from the system from which you are migrating data. You are able to reference either the intelligentcontract assigned ID or the OSR when updating a record in the import workbench. 

The OSR is located in the Record Details icon of every record.  Click on the icon and a drop down will appear, the Original System Reference is the last option in the drop down.  Users can update this reference to another value if required. 

When the edit is [Saved] the system will validate to see if it is unique, if you not will receive an error message. The validation is case sensitive.

Fig 1- OSR location

This unique reference is automatically generated by the system when a record is manually created. 

If you are importing data into your account the you can stipulate this OSR value.  This means if you are importing data from another old system you can carry over existing system references into intelligentcontract.

If you need to have an interface into the system to update specific records then your existing system references can then be used to identify the correct record in IC.

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