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Improvements to Approvals

- Link approval to contract value (as well as contract type)

- introduce a "approvals awaiting my attention" indicator

- If an approver doesnt approve or reject in a specified time frame then a reminder can be sent

- revamp to the email notifications relating to approvals

- Ability to change what fields are shown to users that approve / reject approval transactions when they approve through email / without logging in

- new options about when a contract is draft again after being approved

- When a user approves/rejects requires their password

- Ability to see the detail of an approval transaction after its been completed

- ability to send an approval to an approval group. An approval group is a list of users. Any of the users in the group can approve or reject the transaction on behalf of the others in the list

-  Admins to have new functions to

              - cancel an in progress approval transaction

              - send a reminder to a user that an approval is awaiting their attention

              - manually move contracts back into "draft" status

              - mass approve contracts

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