When creating a new intelligentcontract KPI you are required to provide the 'Type'. The type of the KPI determines the nature of the measurements that are to be collected by the system. Each KPI can be one of 3 types as shown below:


The most common KPI Type is 'ratio'. Ratio is a simple input of a numerator and denominator, for example:

8 calls were answered within 20 seconds from a total of 10 calls. 

For a Ratio the user would enter:

Fig 1 KPI Type Ratio

These two values would then allow the calculation of the performance ratio for that period.


Where a KPI is absolute then a single numerical value is expected for each measurement. The value can be a whole number or decimal and either positive or negative, for example:

Feedback survey rating 8 out of 10 where each period a value between 1 and 10 is recorded.

Fig 2 KPI Type Absolute


The Picklist KPI type allows users to submit a measurement by selecting from a list of predefined options.   The most common use of the Picklist type is a 'Yes/No' based KPI. For example, "report produced on time each month" KPI based on a 'Y/N' value set resulting in the measurement each period being either Yes or No.

Fig 3 KPI Type Picklist

Tip: Values must be entered for each value including a 0 if there is no measurement to record (see above)

Setting up a Picklist:

Create or choose an existing value set that contains all the possible values needed for your picklist. You can create a new value set from the Value Set page.

When creating your KPI set your KPI as the Picklist type. Choose your newly created value set from the 'Value Set' dropdown and then its target value from the 'Target Value' dropdown (see below).

Fig 4 Picklist Type Configuration

Tip: Once a KPI has been created its type can not be changed. If the KPI type must be changed then the old KPI should be deleted and a new one created in its place