You can optionally set a target for each KPI. Targets are numerical and can be set to be either:

  • Less than (or equal to) a specific value
  • More than (or equal to) a specific value
  • Between 2 specific values

Editing the KPI Target field allows you to enter a specific target. In the example below, the target has been specified as "at least 95". The KPI will therefore pass if it is more than or equal to 95.

Fig 1 - KPI Target Field

Tip: The system will determine the unit of the target based upon the KPI type (see KPI Types). So for example, a target value of "less than 85" applied to a ratio type KPI will be interpreted as "less than 85%"

KPI Performance

The target field is used in conjunction with the KPI aggregation function and the KPI target period. Based on the Measurements for a particular party the KPI will determine whether a target has been passed or failed. 

Tip: The Target and Target period can both be overridden for a specific party to which a KPI is assigned. Click here for more details on overriding these values.