Intelligentcontract supports the use of Contract Frameworks and associated Lots. A Framework can be created, key documents added, multiple Lots defined, and one or more suppliers added to each Lot. 

Defined Frameworks and Lots are available for users to browse and review. When a contract is created, it can optionally be linked to a Framework and or Framework Lot. Reports can be produced based on Frameworks and Framework Lots that have been defined, or contracts that are currently linked to a Framework and/or Lot.

Contract Frameworks should not be confused with Master Contracts. A Master (or Global) Contract is a fully negotiated contract but is only activated when the child contract (sometimes referred to as the "Release" or "Local") is created and executed.

What are the Uses for Frameworks?

  • A Framework should be used when the terms and possible headline pricing has been pre-negotiated for a product or service. 
  • There may be 1 or more Lots for each Framework.  
    • Lots for similar products or services should be collated together to the same Framework to make them easier to find. 
  • Each Lot can have 1 or more Supplier. 
    • Where a Lot has multiple Suppliers, this indicates that pre-negotiation for products and services in this Lot has been completed across a selection of Suppliers. 
    • Users of a Framework lot with multiple Suppliers may elect to choose a supplier or run a "mini-competition" among the lot Suppliers in order to achieve best value.

Framework and Lot details on the Contract Form

Framework and Framework Lots fields can be optionally place onto your Contract forms. When placed, the user can search and allocate existing Frameworks or Framework Lots to the Contract.

Fig 1 - Framework and Framework Lot fields on a contract form

If a Framework or Framework Lot is allocated to a Contract, when the Framework or Framework Lot record is viewed, the corresponding Contracts will be displayed in the [Contracts] tab.

Fig 2 - Framework Contract tab

Fig 3 - Framework Lot Contract tab

TIP: The Framework feature was designed specifically for those organisations that have a central procurement team that pre-negoiate contracts on behalf of an organisation. Intelligentcontract allows these Frameworks to then be published to the wider organisation to encourage their use.