Users can select records to be archived and the system will add them to archive vault. Once in the vault these records are no longer part of the day to day use of the account but they can be accessed, reviewed and restored if required. 

The purpose of this feature is to allow users to move old records out of the current data set and keep it restricted to "useful" content whilst keeping the archived data safe should it be required in the future. 

Archiving Objects

You are able to archive a record in several ways. Focusing on a Contract, the following describes the ways to archive a record. These steps are the same for all other records in intelligentcontract, in each case below the Contracts(s) will be moved from the current location and into the Archive Vault.

Open Record Archive

  • Open a specific contract and click on the Action button [...] to display the list of options
  • Select Archive

Fig 1 - Archive inside a Contract

Summary Screen Archive

  • Find the record you wish to Archive and hover over the line, to the left of the line the Action button [...] will display 
  • Click on the Action button to display a list of options
  • Select Archive

Fig 2 - Archive in the summary screen

Bulk Archive

If you wish to Archive more than one record at a time then you can use the [Edit Selected] button to Archive them all at once.

  • Select the records you wish to Archive by clicking the checkbox to the left of the record
  • Click on the [Edit Selected] button and choose the option [Archive]

Fig 3 - Bulk Archive

Restoring Objects

Once an object has been archived it is sent to the archive vault. The Archive Vault contains the objects that have been archived by all users. You can view the contents of the vault by clicking option in the navigation panel.

Fig 4 - Archive Vault

The Archive Vault provides the detail of each record that has been placed into the vault. You can order by the field “archived time & date” to help you find the record you are looking for.

For each record in the vault you can either Restore or Delete. Tick the checkbox next to the required records and then select the [Edit Selection] option and choose Restore or Delete.

Restore will take the record out of the Archive Vault and back into your current data. 

Delete will take the record out of the vault and move it into the Recycle Bin.

  • If you Archive or Delete a record then as well as the record itself, all of the associated sub and linked records (such as Alerts, Notes, Documents) will also be moved. 
  • If you restore the record back again then all its associated sub and linked records will automatically be restored with it.

Fig 4 - Restoring from the Archive vault

TIP: Records in the archive vault do not count towards your account limits. if you wish to permanently delete a record you should first delete it and then remove it from the Recycle Bin.