Intelligentcontract provides you with the ability to Relate your contracts together to give you a clear picture of all those Contracts that have a direct or indirect relationship.  These could be Supplier Contracts that have come about because of an existing Customer contract or simply to note that there is a relationship that is worth noting 

The below example shows a Contract with an agency for the supply of Surgery Consultants, displayed within its Related tab are the related Consultant Contracts.

Fig 1 - Related Contracts

Note: Master/Sub-Contract relationship are different to Related Contracts, a Sub-Contract could have a direct impact on a Master Contract where as Related Contracts bares no such impact, indeed they are for information only to give a history of the route in which the Related Contracts came about.

Relating Contracts 

After each Contract is created there is a Related tab on the bottom of the screen, here you can create a new Related record.  You can select the can select either Contract to create the related record

  • Open up a Contract
  • Access the Related tab
  • Click [New]
  • Enter the Type - the relationship Type values can be adjusted to your own requirements within the Value Set feature
  • Select the Related Contract
  • Add a Description if required
  • [Save]
  • Repeat if more than one Contract is related to the selected one

Fig 2 - Related record

Both Contracts will now reference each other in the Related tab at the bottom.

This Agency Contract is Related to the 2 Consultancy Contracts that they co-negotiated.

This Consultancy Contract is Related to the Agency Contract only

To sever the relationship, just delete the Related record from either of the Contracts..