To create a new Risk you will need to navigate to the Risk section and then press the +.  You will then be provided with the Risk entry screen ready for you to complete.

Fig 1 - Risk Form

List of all the fields on the default Risks entry screen and their meaning.

Field Name
Unique identifier for the record, generated by the solution
Title of the Risk
Severity of the Risk to your organisation based upon the Probability and Impact values chosen
Select the Probability value
Select the Impact value
Active End Date
Date in which the Risk it to be over
The associated Contract the Risk is pertaining to

Either type in the name of the Contract directly into the field (if known), or use the magnifying glass to display the 'Find' screen to be able to search for the correct Contract using various options.
Use the + option to create a new Contract, once saved this will be allocated to the Risk record.
The Risk can be allocated a Type - this can be used for Filtering and reporting purposes
Any further information regarding the Risk
Details of how you can avoid the Risk
Any associated documentation supporting the Risk generation
From this Device
Option to select the document from your PC or server
Select File
Choose a file to attach to the Risk from your PC or server
From Document Library
Choose a file to attach to the Alert from the intelligentcontract Library


All Value Set contents (Other than Status fields) can be adjusted to contain values pertinent to your company in the Value Sets screen

**  The Severity calculation is defined in Risk Definitions