It is possible to view a Party or a Group of Parties geographical location on a map, intelligentcontract has partnered with Google Maps and integrated their mapping technology within the Parties feature of the solution.

Locating A Party

In order to Geo-map a Party it must have a valid value in the post code field. The post code entered will determine where the party is shown on the Map. One the postcode has been entered a map indicator icon is shown against the supplier.

Fig 1 - Party Record Showing the Map Indicator

Clicking on the map indicator will display a map and pinpoint on the map where this particular Party is located.

Fig 2 - Google Map Showing the Location of the Party

There is a further control on the map screen that allows you to show other Parties located near to the one that is currently being shown. You can move the slider and the map will update to include your Parties that are within the specified distance. 

Fig 3 - Other Parties Located Near-by

Geo-mapping Multiple Parties

If you need to see more than one Parties location on a single map then you are able to do so. Navigate to the Parties form. You can filter the Parties as required. Click on the "Show on Map" button as per the example below. 

Each Party in the selection will be displayed on a map. If any of the selected Parties didn't have a specified Post Code the system they won't be displayed. The system will indicate the number of Parties not shown on the Map because their Postcode information was not available.

Fig 4 - Parties Form - Select "Show on Map"

Tip: Once you've finished with the map, to get back to your list of Parties, click the Action button [...] and select "Summary Table"

How is Geo-Mapping Useful?

There are many reasons why visualising your supplier or customer locations on a map can be useful. Here's some ideas:

  • See the spread of your current customer locations. Are there any patterns? Is there a region that is not covered and a candidate for targeting? Is one sales manager overlapping another geographic patch?
  • It can help with disaster recovery planning. For example, if there is a disaster in a certain area of the world, you are able to clearly see which Parties you work with might be affected. Geo-mapping you suppliers is a way of looking at your supply chain from a geographical perspective
  • As an internal planning tool, you are quickly able to see where all your internal sites are currently located.
  • Planning customer or supplier meetings. See each of the organisations you need to visit on a map and quickly see their relative locations