The intelligentcontract Library is a repository that contains all documents that you have upload into your account.  It allows you to search, filter, find and view all your documents in one location.

The option can be accessed via the Library option on the main menu.

Fig 1 - The Library

There are three main sections within the Library each with a standard set of Folders to allow you to load your Documents to a logical place.  By selecting a folder and using one of the right click options, existing folders can be Renamed, Deleted, Archived and new and sub folders can be created.

 Fig 2 - Changing folder names

Shared Area

The Shared Area allows you to upload Documents to a common area accessible to all Users regardless of their Security.  These could be such Documents as Standard Forms, Terms and Conditions or User Guides.

All Uploaded Documents

This folder will allow the User to view all Documents uploaded within their Security restrictions, this will allow them to search all Contracts available to find the Document that they are looking for.

This Contract

When accessing the Library from within an existing Contract this option will be available, it allows the user to quickly view all existing Documents that have already been uploaded and select one or more if required.

Fig 3 - This Contract folder

TIP: Use the fields at the top of the columns to filter your display to find the Document you require

TIP: As some Contracts can be restricted for viewing for users, so will their Documents.  The Library follows the existing Security rules and will only display Documents available for Contracts within the user Security setting

The Library can also be accessed whenever you have a field that allows an attachment to be added to a record.  By selecting the option 'Select from Library' the Library will open and allow you to select a Document to upload against your record.

Fig 4 - Adding a document from the Library

You can attach more than one Document at a time, use the checkbox to select multiple items

Fig 5 - Using the Multi select

Fig 6 - Multiple items added to a record