Adjusting Existing Views

Within all Summary screens there are a standard set of default Views that you can utilise, the fields selected for these Views can be adjusted as per your organisational requirement.  Just like when creating a new View within the summary screen there are options for Views when the mouse is placed within the View section.  Select the View that you wish to adjust from the drop down values and then press 'Edit'.

Fig 1- View Edit option

Clicking on the Edit option will display the wizard to guide you through adjusting your selected View.  

Step 1 - Choose Columns

The available columns section will list all fields available for selection on the View, the below is an edit of the view 'All Contracts' in the Contract Summary screen.  The list will contain all the Contract related fields, and will include any Contract related fields such as Person or Party details.  Each field is identified by the bracket tag [Contract] Title and any related fields are further identified by their option name [Contract] Party Type.

Fig 2 - View Edit select fields

Adjusting Data

  • Click on the required field
  • Use the left right arrows to add and or remove field columns from the Selected Columns section
  • Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order in which the columns are displayed (top = far left)
  • Use the scroll bar in the Available Columns section to see more available field columns for selection
  • Use the magnifying glass to search and filter for specific fields column names
  • Use the Advanced filter option to adjust the section to only display fields for particular options i.e. only display Contract Person related fields
  • Custom fields that you have created are identified this this icon: 
  • Once you have made your selection click [Next] to continue

Step 2 Change Field labels

The title labels of the columns are defaulted to the field labels, this next step allows you to adjust the labels if required 

TIP: This may be useful for Views that have many columns and would benefit form having an abbreviated column label

Fig 3 - Edit View

Click [Next] to continue and your View will be updated.