intelligentcontract enables you to search the entire database to find the record you are looking for.  In the Navigation menu there is an option 'Search', when you start typing in this field the solution will display a list of records that match your search criteria.

The Search results are displayed in a drop down list, along the top of the results there are icons you can select to filter those results.  

Select the record you require and the solution will automatically open that record.

Fig 1 - Searching the database

TIP: The search function requires at least 2 characters to begin a search

The 'Include Document Contents?' option will also allow you to search within any documents that have been uploaded into the system, therefore you can find all documents that contain text that match's your search text.

Select the Document you require and the solution will automatically open the document record.

Fig 2 -Searching Document contents

The Search feature can also allow you to search for numeric Values, so you can, for example, search for Telephone Numbers or Contract Values 

Fig 3 -Searching Contract values

Dates can be searched for by entering values that match the solutions Date format, so for example, if your date format is DD-MMM-YY to search for 1st April 2017, enter 01-Apr-17 or variations such as 01-, 01-A, 01-Ap, 01-Apr etc.  The search can be generic or specific but the values must match exactly so if the value is: 10-Apr-2018 then entering 10-april-2018 does not classify as a match.

The solution will match up any dates that have been entered to the text entered, these could be the Start Date, End Date or any other date field that has been placed on any of the forms and completed.

Fig 4 -Searching Contract dates

TIP: If your chosen Date format contains a separator such as 20-Jan-18 or 20/Jan/18 then this this separator must be included in the search criteria