Changes made to records are automatically logged by the system. An audit record is created when a new record is created, edited or deleted. In each case, the date and time along with the name of the User that completed the action is recorded by the system.

The Audit summary screen provides a full list of edits, adds and deletes made to all record types across the account.

Fig 1 - The Audit summary screen

You are able to filter the records by user, action (i.e. create, update or delete) and entity type in order to locate the specific audit record you are interested in. Audit records can be printed in the usual way by using the Print option in the [...] button.

Audit Record

Opening up an Audit record enables you to pin-point when a record is edited and by which User, the system will indicate the "old" and "new" values for each of the fields on the record.

Fig 2 - Audit record

Local Audit Tab

The Local Audit Tab is available for you to review for each record, it is located underneath the main record as a sub tab. The local audit tab displays the creation, edit and delete actions that have been performed for just the selected record. It allows you to isolate a particular record you are interested in and review an audit of changes that have been completed.

Fig 3 - Local Audit tab