The Amendments feature allows you to separately record all Amendment details against each individual Contract.  The Amendments tab is located within each Contract Form

Navigate to -> Contracts -> Amendments - > Click [New]

Fig 1 - Amendment Tab within a Contract

The Amendments pop up screen will allow you to enter the Amendment information 

Complete the required field and press [Save]

Fig 2 - Amendment form

  • Reason - The reason for the amendment - selection from a drop down list
  • Description of Change - Free text field for additional information
  • Date - Date of Amendment
  • Version - Amendment Version Number - free text field
  • Attachment - Add the Amendment Document if required

Note: the values that appear within the Reason drop down list can be adjust via the Value Set screen

Amendments can have their own Alerts, these can be set against millstone dates within your Amendment record. Please refer to this article for more details.