The Transaction feature allows you to record Transactional values against your Contract.  These could be invoices that have been issued or payments received.

These values are then displayed in your Contract record in a 'Transaction Total' field.  The 'Remaining Budget' field will then compare the two values and display the balance with a percentage for your information.

Fig 1 -  Transaction Total and Remaining Budget fields

The fields values can only be calculated if you have a Contract with a Term, if you have not entered a Term then the fields will display that one is required.

Fig 2 - Fields require a Contract Term

The Transaction Total field will total any Transaction records that you have entered in the Transaction tab.  if you have entered a value in the record then the field will display it as a Total value.

The Remaining Budget field will calculate your Financial value minus your Transaction value and present the balance with a Total and a percentage.

Each field has 3 options to choose from to display these values.  This, Previous or Next Financial year, you can tick any of the box's required.

Fig 3 - Field options

Once you have selected you options then your values are displayed in the field.  The green and blue box's display which option is which using initials, but you can hover over the box and a pop up will display what it represents.

Fig 4 - Transaction Total values

The calculations of the the fields are controlled by two setting in the Configuration area in 'Manage Account Configuration. 

Fig 5 - Manage Account Configuration

Here you can set if you wish your Transaction Total field to be calculated by Invoice Date or Paid Date and to also use either the Net or the Gross Value.

You can have all fields on your Transaction record but the Total field can only calculate one for each option.  The option is for all records, one choice applies to all Contract records.

Fig 6 - Transaction Total calculated option

To allow your fields to calculate correctly then you must have either one of these fields on your Transaction record and to contain a value.

For example, if you have selected that the Transaction Total is calculated by Paid Date and you have not entered this date on your Transaction record then your Total will display as 0.

Adding the Transaction Total and Remaining Budget Fields

If you have the Transaction feature switched on but you cannot see the required fields either on your Contract or your Transaction forms then you will need to adjust your Contract and Transaction Form Layouts.

The fields will be displayed in the Available Fields section after you have ticked the 'Show system fields' checkbox.  just pull the fields onto the forms and then they will be displayed.

Fig 7 - Fields for Contract Layouts

Fig 8 - Fields for Transaction Layouts


These fields will be available in the Reporting feature - the Remaining Budget options include the percentage remaining values as separate selections.

Fig 9 - Reporting fields on a Contract

The Transactions options will also include the new fields

Fig 10 - reporting fields on a Transaction

Note: If you do not have the Transaction feature switched on then the Transaction Total and Remaining Budget fields and the Transaction tab will not be displayed.

For details on how to complete the Transaction form please refer to this article: