It is possible to Export your specific contract data, linked contract data and contract documents into a Excel file for your usage.

You can Export data for multiple records via the summary screens or Export single record data from within a record.  Additionally within a record there is the ability to Export the linked data held within the tabs at the bottom of a record.

The data available for exporting are relevant to the feature you are in at the time, if you are in a summary screen such as Contract Summary, then the data available to Export will be based upon the Contract such as Title, Value, Dates etc.  If you are in the Party Summary then all the data will be based upon the Party such as Name, Address, Contact Number etc.

On each summary page on the top right there is a More Action button [...] click and choose the Export option.

Fig 1 - Export option

A pop up screen will appear detailing your current view and any filters that you may have entered on the summary screen. If you have filtered out records by using one or more of these options, then they will NOT be included in the export.

The checkbox's correlate to the data you can export to an excel sheet.  Tick the relevant box's to select the sets of data you wish to export, the example below is from within the Contract Summary screen to Export all the Contract, Contract Party, Contract People and Contract Note data.  Make your selections and then click [Export]

Fig 2 - Export data selection

The excel files will be generated within the Batch Queue area, a message will temporarily be displayed at the top of the screen that you can click on to access, but the Batch Queue area can be accessed at any time via the option listed in the black Navigation panel.

Fig 3 - Batch Queue

The Batch Queue summary screen lists all Exports that have been created, the latest report will be on the top and the 'Result' column will detail a .zip file, click this to open and view your Exported data.

Fig 4 - Export files

The .zip file will contain an Excel .csv file for each of the checkbox's that you selected, below there are 4 csv files Contract, Contract Party, Contract People and Contract Note, open up the files to view the data.

Fig 5- .zip files

The data exported into the file is every field available on the form, there are extra columns that will inform you of system data such as Original System Reference and ID (unique system reference and ID for the specific record), Owner (person who created the record) and Security Group (who can see the record).

Now you can manipulate, cut, copy, configure and combine all the exported information into an Excel report that is relevant to your needs.  You can even export existing contract documents in the same way, just select the data sets that have the option of 'Associated' files' and a zip file of all those corresponding documents will be generated along side your .csv files.

Fig 6 - .zip documents

TIP: When exporting multiple records the exported data is ONLY relevant to the records that are displayed within the summary screen, ensuring that the correct View and Filters are in place will ensure that the Exported data is relevant.