To action an Approval request, users do not have to log into their intelligentcontract account in order to do so, a pre-portal page can be activated to provide the user will relevant information to allow them to make an informed decision as to Approve or Reject.  

This pre-portal page will be displayed when the configuration option 'Approval Portal Enabled' is set to 'Yes'

Administrators can control which fields are visible to users on this pre-portal page using the Approval Template form.  The fields that are selected here will be presented to the user on the pre-portal along with a [Reject] and [Approve] buttons.

1. Chose Fields - Choose the fields that you would like displayed on the pre-portal screen

The available fields section will list all fields available for selection on the portal. The list will contain all the Approval related fields, and will also include any related fields such as Contract, Person or Party details.  Each field is identified by the bracket tag [Approval] and any related fields are further identified by their option name such as  [Approval] Contract Party Type.

Fig 1 - Approval Template field selection

  • Use the left right arrows to add and or remove fields from the Selected Fields section
  • Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order in which the fields are displayed on the portal form (top to bottom)
  • Use the scroll bar in the Available Fields section to see more available fields for selection
  • Use the magnifying glass to search and filter for specific fields names
  • Use the Advanced filter option to adjust the section to only display fields for particular options i.e. only display Approval Contract Person related fields
  • Custom fields that you have created are identified by this this icon: 
  • Once you have made your selection click [Next] to continue


2. Change Field labels - The title labels of the columns are defaulted to the field labels, this next step allows you to adjust the label names if required, make the required adjustments and click [Save]

Fig 2 - Approval Template field rename

Tip: Because emails can be intercepted by 3rd parties, it may be possible that data presented for approval/rejection may by accessed an unintended 3rd party. Although the risk is small, it is advised that you limit the data presented in the template and/or set the system so that a user’s password is required before approving or rejecting a transaction.