You are able to add one or more users to an Approval Group. You can include an Approval Group as part of your Approval route and have as many Approval Groups as required.

If an Approval Group is part of your Approval route, then all the users in the Approval group will receive the notification to approve a contract at once. As soon as any of the users in the group have approved or rejected, it is actioned on behalf of all the users in the Approval Group.

Creating an Approval Group

Navigate to: Configuration -> Approvals - > Approval Groups

Fig 1 - Approval Group form

  • Name - Give the Approval Group a name
  • Description - Add an optional description for the Group and click [Save]
  • Click on the [Members] tab and click [New]
  • Search for the first user who is to be added to this new approval group and click [Save]
  • Repeat to add all members to the Approval Group