When an Approval request is created the solution will automatically create a Transaction record to reflect this. The Approval Transactions for a request can be viewed within the Approval record.

Navigate to -> Approvals, open up an Approval record

Fig 1 - ApprovalĀ Transactions

Each action that is subsequently created for the Approval request will create an Approval Transaction record, these records will be created when:

  • Approval request is created
  • Approval is Granted by Approver
  • Approval is Granted by Admin
  • Approval is Rejected by Approver
  • Approval is Rejected by Admin
  • Approval Route is altered
  • Approver / Approval Group is removed
  • New Approver is assigned
  • Approval Notification is sent
  • Approval is complete

Each Approval transaction will detail the day and time the action was generated, if it is System or User generated and will also display any notes that were entered when the action took place.