To create a new Financial record you will need to navigate to the Financial tab within a Contract record and then press the [New] button. You will then be provided with the Financial entry screen ready for you to complete.

Fig 1 - Financial Form                                                                                              

List of all the fields on the default Alerts entry screen and their meaning.

Field Name
Unique identifier for the Financial record, generated by the solution
Allocate the Type of Financial, default drop down list values - Product / Service
Product / Item
Free text field to identify the Name of the Product / Service
Unit Price
The Unit Price to be used to calculate the total of the Financial record
The amount of Units to be used to calculate the total of the Financial record
Frequency in which the Financial occurs, default drop drop list values  - Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual, Annual
Enter a value for a Discount if required, this can be indicated as a value or a percentage as indicated by the corresponding drop down selection, this amount will be reflected in the Financial Total
Exclude from Calc
Tick box to exclude the Financial record in the calculation for the Contract Value
Financial Total - Clicking the chain icon at the end will set the value to auto calculate based upon the values entered in the Unit Price / Qty / Frequency / Discount
Active Start Date
Identify the Start of the Financial period
Active End Date
Identify the End of the Financial period
Free text for comments regarding the Financial record