If you wish to breakdown the value of a Contract into its constituent parts, the Financial tab will allow you to enter the relevant details.  If you have the Contract Value option of 'Use Contract Financials to Calculate' selected, the records entered here will be used to calculate the value displayed in the Contract Value field on the main Contract Form.

Navigate to -> Open up existing Contract -> Financial Tab - Press [New]

Fig 1 - Contract Financial Form

Type - Identify if the Financial is for a Product or Service

Product / Item - Describe the Product or Item using the free text field

Unit Price - The single Unit Price of the Product / Service

Qty - The number of Units 

Frequency - Select how often the Price is to be charged

Discount - Indicate of there is a Discount to be applied to this Financial records - this can be either a Value or a Percentage 

Total - The total for the Financial record 

TIP: If the 'Auto Calculate' icon is pressed the the solution will auto calculate the value based upon the values held in the Unit Price / Qty / Frequency / Discount fields

Active Start Date - Enter a specific Start Date that the Financial record is to start being used in the Contract Value calculation

Active End Date - Enter a specific End Date that the Financial record is to stop being used in the Contract Value calculation

Note: If no Start and End dates are entered on a Financial record then the solution will take the Contract Start and End Dates to calculate the Contract Value

Comments - Enter Comments about this Financial if required

Press [Save]

Repeat until all Financial records have been entered

TIP: As with all the forms across intelligentcontract the fields and values displayed can be adjusted to match your organisations requirements, therefore you can adjust your Financial form to display any financial information required, please refer to the Customisation articles to learn more about how to configure your requirements.