Assets can be created to allow you to keep track of what assets are covered under a particular warranty Contract.  

Creating a New Asset

Assets can be created vai the option within the Navigation bar:

Navigate to Assets

Press [New], you will be presented with the Assets form 

Fig 1 - Compelted Asset Form

  • Type - Select the Asset Type from the list 
  • Name - Generic Name for the Asset
  • Manufacturer - Manufacturer for the Asset
  • Site - Optional field to allocate a Site where the Asset is located
  • Asset Number - Unique internal ID for the Asset
  • Serial Number - Assets Serial reference
  • Model Number - Assets Model reference
  • Maintenance Type - Allocate the Type of Maintenance for the Asset
  • Contracts - Search and allocate the relevant Warranty or Service Contract for the Asset
  • Start / End Date - Start and End Dates for the Warranty / Service
  • Press [Save]

Once the Asset has been created you will have the ability to add any Notes in relation to the Asset via the Notes tab at the bottom of the record, along with any supporting documentation if required.  You can also Notify people of this Note by adding them as a 'Notify' on the form.  The Notify person will receive an email detailing the content of the Note.


Fig 2 - Asset Notes

Fig 3 - Asset Note Email

The User will now have the ability to see all Assets associated to the Contract under the Asset tab when the Contract record is opened.

Fig 4 - Contracts with Assets